If the prospect of uniting with the person of your life brings you joy, the idea of ​​having to set up a reception as important as your wedding can give you cold sweats!

Because you have been dreaming about this great day for years and want everything to be absolutely perfect, you risk without realizing it inflicting pressure that is hard to tolerate. To make it stress-free, we are going to tell you some of the tips yielded from the experiences of the Best Wedding Planners in Delhi.

What Best Wedding Planners in Delhi suggest to make the wedding stress-free?

Being a perfectionist is good, but that should not stop you from enjoying. In order to organize your big wedding day without too much stress, you need to principles to keep in mind.
With good organization and anticipation, you can very well ward off fate and stay zen throughout the preparations.

Here are 10 valuable tips for organizing a stress-free wedding enlisted by the team of the Best Wedding Planners in Delhi at ‘V3Events & Weddings’.

  1. Write/Note down Everything

For your wedding, you need to behave yourself as an event organizer. Start by creating a folder with your bridal headdress photos, your decorating ideas, and a word/excel file with all your appointments, the guest list, and the budget estimate.

WriteNote down Everything

  1. Schedule the Elements of Wedding

Nothing better than to rely on scheduling: month by month, this document allows you to list the tasks to be done chronologically and to indicate those that are completed. Every important step, every deadline, every prerequisite is needed to be mentioned here. It sounds a bit “project management”, but organizing your wedding, is certainly a great project of life.
Schedule the Elements of Wedding

  1. Hire professional Wedding Planners

If you feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task, do not hesitate a minute to call on professionals, like V3Events & Weddings. If your budget allows you, do not hesitate to hire the Best Wedding Planners in Delhi. Your wedding will be easier to organize and you will stress a lot less.

  1. Anticipate well in advance

When it comes to marriage, it’s never too early to get started. Anticipate the organization of your wedding 1 year in advance. You are sure to complete the whole organization of this big day a few months before the wedding, which will give you time to rest and breathe.

  1. Book the venue/vendors early
    All wedding related service providers must be contacted at least 6 months before the wedding to ensure their availability. Ask them a detailed contract to avoid any surprises on D-day, take your ample time and then proceed with the booking and hiring.

  2. Delegate the important tasks
    It is essential to delegate to trustworthy people who want to invest their time. Nevertheless, do not force those who do not really want to get involved; also warn them well in advance. Give the tasks according to the strengths of each, not too much load one person, and not to give tasks that could prevent them from enjoying the important moments of the marriage.

  3. Invitation to the guests with ample time

Sending invitations to the guests, not only gives ample time to plan the travel, if required. It also makes you less stressed as you get assure to see and meet your loved ones, instead of last minute hassle. After all, a wedding becomes successful only due to the presence of your near and dear ones.

  1. Resolving emotions and anxieties

 A wedding is a great day emotionally and it is quite normal to stress and apprehends. So do not hesitate to talk about your anxieties to your loved ones: your future spouse, your family, and your friends. They will bring you comfort and will give you good advice.

  1. Be prepared for the presence of little ones

Every guest must have fun at your wedding, so do not leave the kids. In order to fully enjoy your reception, offer them fun activities. Do not hesitate to hire a professional entertain them and be assured that they will not bother at any time.

  1. Make an accurate run of the wedding day

Make a detailed schedule of the day’s proceedings with the schedules, the role and the coordinates of each one that you will give to the person to whom you have delegated the tasks. Complete the last elements to taken into account, prepare all the things to take to the place a few days before so you do not forget anything and entrust this task to someone you trust.

Alternatively, you can just hire Best Wedding Planners in Delhi through V3Events & Weddings and let them make the best arrangements for making your wedding unforgettable. Call at +91-85060 00001,+91-98107 00800 or visit http://www.v3events.in/ now.

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