A wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity for every couple and they want to make it the best experience for themselves and for each of the guests too. A wedding can be made unique and magnificent through extravagant wedding decor and fine cuisine choices state the top wedding organizers in Delhi at V3Events and Weddings.

1. Floral Decorations: Wedding Decor 

The floral quotient has become funky, stylish and classy instead of just being the part of feminine hair accessory. Flowers can be weaved delicately into places where any other decorative elements typically are. Being the professional wedding organizers in Delhi, we prefer to stick to a smaller scale and petite blooms rather than choosing an oversized wreath.

2. Coloured Candles: Wedding Decor

Candlelight has long been a staple in wedding decor, but coloured tapered candles are here to put a modern twist in it. Making your wedding perfect involves all kinds of creative choices, one that is choosing your candle colour to give your wedding a mesmerising ambience. In a wedding setup, we have a huge scope for using candles for décor and can’t get enough of candle wedding centrepieces whether for pillars, entrances, dining space, or stage.

3. Textured Linen: Wedding Decor

The world of wedding linen rentals is vast and complex. Linens provide that finishing touch, which you are looking that will take your wedding design to the next level. Textured linens are significantly emerging as the trend in recent times. It captivates the audience through dinner and gives you an easy chance to really make a statement on their mind.

4. Coherent Color Combination: Wedding Decor

Whether darker ones or extravagant combination, this element creates an atmosphere for your wedding by transforming the ambience to the next level. Colours are an important element for the canvas of your wedding décor, therefore, they must be coherent and complementing with other as a combination instead of conflicting.

All of the above-mentioned décor elements i.e; flowers, candles and linens are needed to be complemented by the core colour scheme at the wedding. It will make your wedding more relaxed and hence, make you feel special on the big day.

5. Food and Drinks Section:  Wedding Decor

The cuisine is a distinct yet essential element for a wedding along with wedding décor. So for a wedding to be an unforgettable experience both of them should complement each other judiciously. Make the head table, dining tables, and stand out with a pop of colour, pattern, or different texture but coherent with rest of the wedding décor setup.

By implementing these above-mentioned suggestions you can accentuate the wow-factor, making sure guests feel they’re special. Instead of putting all these elements, you can simply hire a well-experienced team of wedding organizers in Delhi and make your wedding a memorable ceremony.

The professional wedding planners make your wedding a breath-taking memory to remember for each and every guest along with you. Call us at +91-98107 00800, +91-85060 00001 or visit our website www.v3events.in now.

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