It may seem next to impossible in listening but you can plan your wedding in a month by following certain tips from Top Destination Wedding Planners. There comes a situation in many cases where the bride/groom may have a short time frame to follow. It may be because of family reasons, moving abroad, some professional commitment and/or marriage visa limitations.

Top Destination Wedding Planners


These are just some of the assumptions which may force to get married within 30 days, but you can still have a great wedding if you plan it by following some of the tips from Professional Wedding Planners.

How to plan a great wedding in a month?

Here is the comprehensive list of important elements which you must need to consider and execute for having a great wedding within a short span of time.

1. Complete the Legal Processes First: Whether you are getting married at home or thinking for a destination wedding in the different state or country, you may need to fulfil different legal requirements respective to the laws applicable for these locations.

You will need a legally qualified person to understand the rules related to the legal requirements for marriage or marriage license. So, before you finalize the wedding date, ensure that you have covered the required legal requirements of getting married so that your wedding is legal.

2. Set a Reasonable Budget: You should remain realistic about your economic status and need to think thoroughly about the budget you can afford to spend on your wedding. Just consider the necessary elements for your wedding, like Bridal attire, photographer, videographer, hair and makeup artist, styling, transport, flowers, cake etc.
Think and plan whether you want an intimate dinner with family and friends or a big reception. Don’t forget to consider the number of guests you would like to invite.
After finalizing these elements, you can easily work out on allocating the budget suitable for these wedding requirements.

3. Choose the Date and Location: Choosing a date gives every wedding process a certain deadline. It makes it less fussy to book the certain hotel, restaurant, vendor etc in advance, which are among the most important requirements for any wedding. It will be better as soon as they get decided and reserved.

4. Sending Digital Invitations: As you may not be having ample time to send out paper invitations, consider electronic way and invite the guests through WhatsApp and Email. Nowadays, this is quite acceptable, quick and efficient way to invite the guests. Being the Top Destination Wedding Planners we can help you with some gorgeous designs to choose from so you don’t have to sacrifice on style.

5. Hire Professional Wedding Planners: As you have lots of things to manage in short amount of time, so must consider hiring a wedding planner. The wedding planners are expert in their skills of wedding planning and organizing, which makes you save lots of time and money.
They also have various connections with the experts of certain wedding skills such as cooking, decoration, entertainment, photographers and videographers, mehendi-designers etc. They can offer you the best service providers in the wedding industry.
Hiring Professional Wedding Planners makes you enjoy more at your wedding instead of getting stressed, especially, if you have to hurry the things due to the short amount of time.
Let the Top Destination Wedding Planners at V3Events and Weddings make your wedding an unforgettable and lavish affair through their huge amount of experience as Professional Wedding Planners.
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