If you are looking forward to get married in 2018 then may be having lots of useful information for you. Here through this blog we are elaborating top wedding trends which will be in trend in 2018. This list of wedding elements and trends of 2018 is prepared by the top wedding and Event Management Company in Delhi.

How the Invitations are going to be Innovative?

The event planning experts at the top event management company in Delhi, V3Events & Weddings have observed that the invites and name places are getting more creative.

Less Use of Paper

Stationery always remained a crucial part in our invitation designs and for 2018 we should expect seeing more adventurous choices of material used instead of just paper. You don’t always need to work with ‘paper’. Fabric, and natural elements such as stone, wood and even plant sampling, can all be used to replace or add a twist to the traditional paper stationery suite. Recently, we have seen the inclusion of Tulsi plant sampling in the invitation of marriage ceremony of Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli.

Smaller Wedding List

The list Wedding guests are getting smaller. As the couples are choosing to leave off relatives they haven’t seen for years, the wedding event is becoming more intimate gatherings with the people that matter most. This also reduces the wedding budget significantly, meaning extra money saved to afford everything you really want.

Any significant trend change in wedding décor style?

Decoration is the most significant element of any wedding ceremony and it very much defines a ceremony. Here we are presenting some of crucial trends which are expected to be in huge demand while doing decoration for any wedding event.

Hanging Floral Decoration

The hanging floral decorations have already started to emerge in some of the most stylish weddings of 2017, but for 2018 expect to see more appearance of a creative approach of floral decoration.

Copper Shade

As well reputed Event Management Company in Delhi we already seeing people moving on from rose gold accents. 2018 will see rise in metallic touches in the form of a more industrial look through more utilization of copper texture.

Transparent Elements

As many Wedding Planners & Bloggers have predicted, it is expected that 2018 will see a surge in see-through settings and décor.

Neon Signs

We’re big fans of lighting elements at wedding decor and a custom neon sign can be easily used to put personalize the elements. These can easily add a little light and a lot of fun to your wedding ceremony.

Geometric-shaped Backdrop

Geometric shape and designs aren’t new as the wedding decor elements, but we expect that 2018 is going to see a lot of geometric ceremony backdrops in particular!

What can we expect regarding trends in cuisine?

While serving dine tables we are seeing a shift of choices here too. People are getting inclined towards unusual or local food-dishes.

Diverse Food

Modern couples are more frequently opting out of the customary 3-course set menu for their wedding dining. Instead, serving food-items they love and so the wedding food is definitely seeing a change. For 2018 we should more alternative options like Japanese, Mexican and Peruvian inspired cuisine – with tacos, sushi and ceviche on the menu.

Local Food

In case of destination wedding scenario, the couples are seeing lots of food-items from locale which are new and experimental not only for them but for their guests also. They love to taste local cuisine and encourage their place in the wedding menu.

Any suggestion to keep up with dressing trend in 2018?

Though the wedding attire hugely depends on the geographical area where the couple is brought up but even then, we can suggest two “beyond the boundaries” wedding dress suggestions to keep up with the wedding trends in 2018.

3D Florals

As the wedding planners our team is seeing a rise of romantic flowers adorning the wedding gowns and veils.

Lucky Pearls

The stone as accessory trend is coming back strong. Not just in earrings, but also in headpieces, rings and embellishing dresses, too.

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