What’s the one thing that we all anticipate at an Indian wedding? Food! In recent times, Indian wedding food trend has changed for good and the reason of such a charming change is the team of Top Destination Wedding Planners at V3 Events and Weddings who are continuously endeavouring to furnish your guest with a more imaginative affair without compromising with the taste.

As one of the most prominent Top Destination Wedding Planners that has changed the catering scenario through their impeccable craft of fine eating, we have delivered excellent outcomes on every occasion. Our exceedingly skilful culinary specialists have thought of innovations with regards to weddings and thus, V3 Events & Weddings is a standout amongst the most looked wedding planning and catering companies in the country.

So here is a list of 5 exceptional ideas that will definitely be a hit in the upcoming wedding season which you should use at your wedding to spruce the catering experience.

1. Go Around Buffet: The go around buffet is extraordinary compared to other styles at Indian weddings. So next season, the focus will be more on heavier snacks rather than your normal spring rolls, kebabs or whatever else.
Henceforth, as a part of the main course, such food items will be in demand which will be having bigger bite-size. Lasagne bombs , risotto bites and other main course food items will be passed around as little servings that you would simply pick with a stick and eat. With so much accommodation offered while eating, this makes to our list of most loved wedding food ideas thoughts.

2. Theme Buffet: Nowadays, numerous couples design their wedding around a specific theme. The decor, styling, cuisine and everything else should be in synchronization with that theme. Obviously, this idea opens doors to some fascinating and unique wedding food ideas. Sufi and Bollywood themes are the most favoured ones this season. So for the Sufi theme at your wedding, you can have Mughlai cuisine to synchronize the cuisine style with rest of your wedding event theme. Then again, in the event that you have a Bollywood style wedding, at that point you can serve your favourite artists most loved dishes. Or on the other hand, you can take your Bollywood fever to the unique level by serving the dishes named after your most loved movie characters or Bollywood celebrities.

3. Fusion Buffet: Fusion food is rapidly turning into a significant part of the Indian wedding buffet. It is an extremely inventive method for serving your usual dishes in a quirky and unique way. Being the Top Destination Wedding Planners we can say that it is one such intriguing blend that makes it a super cool wedding food idea. Serve your guests frozen dahi bhalle in ice-cream cones to procure smiles on the faces of your guests. For treats, you can serve them gulab jamun cheesecake. Trust us, these fun food-items will turn into unforgettable memories for your guests.

4. Deconstructed Food Items: Deconstructed food is heavily popular in the west and rapidly getting well accepted in India also. As the name itself suggests, your dish is introduced to you in a deconstructed way. In this food style, the principle components of a dish are served to you independently. In this way, you need to collect the dish yourself. We should state this is a standout amongst the innovative wedding food ideas. It is going to be a great reason of fun if adopted.

5. Refreshment Based Food Style: As an extraordinary idea that can keep your guests refreshed and empowered in an exceptionally one of a kind way. Let’s serve them refreshing ice-candies. You read that right! Organic product ice-candies are not only for the children. They can make even the grown-ups go feeble in the knees. Take it to another level, serve them with the universally adored shaved ice and finely chopped crisp summer fruits like mangoes, watermelon and litchis. You can even serve your guests with fruit infused ice cubes to make their beverages significantly fascinating.
The catering style is brimming with inventive and gifted culinary skills. From sushi bars, live fresh pizzas to pasta stations, V3 Events & Weddings can simply make an intriguing wedding buffet for you that will leave a long-lasting impact on the tongues of your guests.
Thus, for the event that you need your guests to recall your big day for a long time, hire the team of Top Destination Wedding Planners. Call us at +91-98107 00800, +91-85060 00001 NOW.

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